Spectrum Dance Therapy (SDT) comes from Autism Movement Therapy® (AMT) which was developed by Joanne Lara, M.A. SDT is a form of therapy that combines a structured program of AMT, Music Therapy, and Applied Behavior Analysis. The combination of these forms of therapy improves speech, coordination, attention, memory, behavior, and sensory disorders. SDT is a natural strategy for individuals with Autism to teach them how to have self expression through music and dance while developing a sense of confidence and independence.


If you love music + dancing and want to service the Autism population you'll love our
Spectrum Dance Therapy program.
With this 8-hour online course you will become a
Level 1 Certified Spectrum Dance Therapy instructor.  


Our online SDT classes are for individuals with Autism ages 3+. Classes are provided online via Zoom on Saturdays @ 11AM EST for all levels. There are no scheduled classes during the summer.


If you would like to bring Spectrum Dance Therapy to your community or make your Dance Studio Autism friendly  call AMA to see how to get started!