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AMA Teaching is an online platform for Dance & Behavioral services. Audrey AMAdeo is a Behavioral Consultant-BCBA, Dance Instructor + Autism Advocate. This site provides direct services, online courses, dance classes and resources for children, parents, professionals, educators and business owners looking to improve, teach and provide more inclusion opportunities for those with Autism.


Creative Director, Owner

Audrey Lynn AMAdeo was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She has always had a passion for giving back to her community and working with individuals and families impacted by Autism. She started her experience at the early age of 13. Audrey learned American Sign Language and taught her peers who were deaf how to dance.

Audrey obtained a Master’s degree in Developmental Disabilities, with a specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis from Nova Southeastern University. She is now a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. 


In 2013, Audrey AMAdeo developed Spectrum Dance Therapy and began the Arts for Autism Foundation. In 2021, she wanted to reach both children and parents at the early intervention stage and developed the mAMA & Me program. This allowed her to share the therapeutic benefits of dance with evidence based strategies of ABA with families with children 1-3 years of age across all abilities.


All that she learns she gives back through her courses and consultations. She has conducted trainings for parents, teachers, therapists, + business owners throughout her career.


Audrey is now taking her life’s work to the next level by providing services online and making it accessible worldwide. 


Anywhere, anytime

Explore the library of dance classes and educational online courses with AMA Teaching. AMA will be teaching Dance Therapy, and ABA courses online. You can take classes with Audrey AMAdeo weekly for yourself or your child. And, you can learn with AMA by downloading the helpful tool kits or enrolling in an online course that meets your educational needs. 


Therapeutic Services



Dance Studios


ABA- Behavioral Family Solutions

Servicing Miami-Broward-Palm Beach


ABA- Kids Behavioral Network



Enhanced Living Therapy

Home Care- Blooming Potentials Corp  786-877-3147

Advocacy- MOMVocate

Resources-UM-NSU CARD

Resources- Disorderly Blondes Podcast

Resources- Miami Lakes Special Needs Advisory Board

Resources- Special Needs Planning

One South Florida

Resources- Early Steps of Florida

Free Dance Classes- Arts for Autism

Free RBT Course- Autism Partnership

Free Music Program-

Miami Music Project

Grant Money for Autism Families-Gardiner Scholarship

Department of Education

Scholarship money for Autism Families

Unique Families Inc.

Educational Services-

Lightwork Education and Wellness


Dr. Diana Martinez

(954) 265 - 2423

Pediatric Behavior Developmental Psychologist-

Dr. Janellie Azaret

Pediatric Associates- Chapel Trail

Dr. Ann Margret Villar

(954) 430-9300

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