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AMA specializes in Dance & Behavioral Services with personalized professional attention.
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  • Do you accept insurance?
    No, but we do accept the Family Empowerment Scholarship (formerly known as Gardiner) and VPK-SIS. Contact AMA directly if you'd like to learn how to apply the funds to the services.
  • Does my child need a diagnosis to join the mAMA & Me program?
    No! All children are welcome. Early intervention services are beneficial to all kids.
  • How do I get free advice?
    Simply by contacting me! AMA offers a free 30 min consultation. I will keep you posted on any new information coming up on my website. If you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns, do not hsitate to reach out. I will get back to you ASAP. Thank you!
  • When will I get access to my online course?
    Immediatly! Once you purchase your course you will have virtual access once you complete your purchase. The only exception is if you pre-register for a course in which you will be given a start date upon registering.
  • Can I get a free class?
    Classes are not free but our videos are. Visit our YouTube channel so some fun choreographies that you can access for free! Visit Channel
  • Can I pay with cash?
    No, I'm sorry. Online credit card payments are the only acceptable form of payment.
  • How can I get notified of new courses?
    Subscribe! Do not let opportunities slip out of your hands. Be apart of the mailing list for tips and coupons!
  • Are there any prerequisites for the SDT Online Course?
    Any individual 18 years of age or older can complete our SDT Certification and complete our courses. There are no prerequisites for taking the training. Now, it would help if you have already worked with idividuals with Autism and have some dance experience. If you want to get the experience of the class and how it feels, you can do it through our virtual class platform by attending a virtual class online.

AMA YouTube Channel

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